Leo got a promotion….

So Leo, Brandt's cat, has got a promotion of sorts. He is now, not only a pushy yet lovable bundle of excitement, but he's also head time keeper and chief waker upper..... It's 5:45 and my alarm goes off. Do I get up right away, of course not. That's why god made snooze buttons. That's just not good enough for Leo. He has to come in and pester the crap outta me until I finally wake up just to get him to leave me alone. I know he sets around all night just waiting for that thing to go off. Well he's not done at this point. So I get up and go in to wake up Carol or at least make sure she's awake. Well Leo charges in there meowing louder than really should come outta his little body. You'd think he almost hurt himself meowing that loud. Now it's time for him to jump up on her bed and get right in her face. That kitty breath will wake up just about anybody. Next victim, Brandt. Leo knows what is coming so he runs in there before I even get close. He's tired of meowing at this point so standing on the victim with his pointy little feet works pretty good at this point. With all the commotion of the last 10 minutes Brandt wakes up pretty good. At this point Leo's daily duties are complete and he can go about his business of knocking my clothes off the hangers in the closet and keeping an eye on the dog in the back yard.