Little bumpy things

Ya know those little bumpy things on the road? They are those reflector type objects that they stick on the lines. I remember a day when there were no bumpy things on the roads. Then like overnight, there they are. I thought they were a great idea. In the rain or the dark you could more easily see the lines. Well now that I'm riding a motorcycle like half the time I'm starting to really hate those damn little things. Ya know those times when you turn the corner and are already in second gear at about 7000 rpm and are laid over at a steep angle. Well when you hit those damn bumpy things it's a little un-nerving. Kinda like grooved roads. I'm sure it's safe and all but it just feels really weird. And we all know how I feel about things that feel weird. :) Anyway, just thought you should know that I hate those things now.