My Truck doesn’t know what to do!

So the weather finally got nice. It's been dang near a month since I got my bike and it's been crappy weather ever since. Well yesterday It finally got nice (nice = over 50 degrees). In the last two days I've already got over 100 miles on the thing, ya know "driving to work" and stuff. My truck doesn't really know what to think being all parked in the garage and stuff. I guess I could have washed it before I abandoned it. :) I've been told that bikes are chick magnets. I haven't seen any evidence of that, YET! But I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. :P It's kinda a good thing that the weather was bad for a while. The guy that owned it before me tried to do an upgrade on the speedo, tach, and water temp gauge that went way wrong. I mean it looks really cool but none of the gauges were anywhere near correct. Well all that extra time on my hands let me formulate a couple of really trick ways of calibrating those gauges. I've got them just about 100 percent correct. I had a slight oil leak yesterday. It had been happening for a while. The previous owner thought it was anti-freeze coming from a small crack in the radiator overflow. He replaced the overflow jug but the smell he was smelling came back. Last night I tracked it down and found out that it was missing an o-ring on the oil fill cap. Kawasaki wanted almost $10 for the o-ring. I stopped by Lowes (Go JImmy) on my way home and picked up a wide assortment of o-rings for $1.99. Problem solved!