Really Big Picture

With today's technology my pitifully small 1 Megapixel camera seems pretty out dated. Way back in the day it was top of the line. Now you see a lot of 3,4,5 even 8 or more Megapixel camera. How about a 2.5 Gigapixel camera? Well here's a picture taken by a 2.5 Gig pixel camera. Just a bit of warning it takes a little bit to load. This thing is VERY detailed though.

Typically you have a picture, let's say of your favorite supermodel or "Friends" actress, and you want to zoom in. Well it doesn't take long for it to start pixilating and get all blocky up to a point where you can't recognize anything. With this wide shot of Delft University in the Netherlands this isn't a problem. As you zoom in your can actually zoom in to see the individual bricks on the street or the sidewalks. You can see the individual spokes on the bicycle in the lower right of the picture. You can actually see into the windows on some of the buildings.

Now, if they can just get a 2.5 Gigapixel picture of Jennifer Aniston I'll be set...

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