So long TSS

The end is here! No, I don't blame Kevin, Alex, Sarah, Yoshi, or even Dan. Since the change from TechTV to G4 I think G4 has done a terrible job incorporating anything having to do with the old TechTV into the new network. I think TSS was set up to fail. I mean they took all the live calls away nearly. Two live calls in a 1 hour show is pretty sad. Yoshi instead of a couple of good mods a week had to do a lame mod every day. They brought in Alex, which I had trouble getting used to after Pat, but even Alex turned out to be pretty good. I think G4 did almost everything in their power to ensure that this show, along with others, failed. Maybe things will turn out good in the long run, but as of right now there is not any real reason for me to continue watching G4. Xplay is about the only thing that really fit in with the new network. I'm sure that's because it's all games and evidently that's where they want to go with this network. I'm pretty sure the exec's at G4 have their heads up there own ass's and don't have a clue. They are tweaking this "whole" network towards gaming and the teen crowd. As much as they'd like to think, Teens don't buy technology or games for that matter. Parents and adults do. It's really hard to purchase a $50 copy of Halo2 when you don't have a job to earn the money to buy it, or a car to drive you to the store. Anyway, I'll hang on and wait to see what Kevin and Sarah do, but outside of that I'll probably just go ahead and unprogram G4 from the old channel list.

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