Yeee Haawwwww

Tonight, since I was feeling a bit better, I took Brandt to a little bike gathering. Since it was supposed to rain all night there wasn't that many bikes there. Maybe 60 or 80 tops. It's nothing compared to the 250-300 at the Sonic in Garland, but then again everybody thought for sure it was going to rain. They had guys doing stunts and stuff. They were really pretty decent. Unless you have ever seen guys do all these crazy things then it's really hard to understand. It's one thing to ride a wheelie or do a stoppie, but to ride a wheelie to a stop and balance it there, that's completely different. I have absolutely no interest in doing these kind of things myself, but it's fun to watch. Brandt really enjoyed himself. I think he almost like the right out there and the ride back just about as much. He really likes riding under bridges cuz with my exhaust it really sounds cool underneath there. :)