Bike Ride

So I'm still felling pretty bad today. On many different levels I might add. I have two alarms for in the morning. The first goes off at 5:45. This is so I can be out of bed by 6:10 or so. That's just over two snoozes.... This is when I get Brandt up and get him started towards school. After he is moving I usually lay back down so the second alarm is set at 7:00. This is so I wake back up and I can get him his lunch money and out waiting for the bus. Well this morning I didn't wake up until the second alarm. Over an hour late. Well we rushed around so much I didn't even notice if I was still feeling bad or not. Well after I got to work and settled down I started to feel bad. It's been about the same badness all day. I left work a little early cuz I wasn't feeling good and I also wanted to run some errands. I came home and got Brandt. He still had homework so he did most of it in the truck. We went to the bike shop and got him a helmet. It' not a $500 one but it is pretty nice and will protect his big football shaped mellon of a head. :) I was feeling a little better at this time so we went to eat. After we got home and Brandt finished his homework we took a little ride. It was nice. It was cool, there were thunderstorms off in the distance, and very little traffic. Since it was Brandt's first real ride we took it pretty easy. About 15 minutes or so was all. He really enjoyed himself. He leans a little bit too much but other than that, not too bad for his first real ride. I'm feeling pretty bad again, but even with that the day ended up pretty nice. I could use some nice right about now... :)