So I get up this morning, its way early so I'm only 20 minutes late. That by the way, means that even though I'm late, I'm earlier than normal. I get up and stumble through the darkness into Brandt's room to wake him up. I stumble back to the bedroom. I flip on the spot lights which are pretty much my closest light source when entering the living room. So now I'm literally blinded by the light. I stumble back in to check on Brandt. As I'm headed back into the living room I notice the headless body of a rather HUGE mouse lying on my floor. ICK! We left the windows open last night trying to expunge the smell leftover from Brandt's "four and a half minutes with a honey bun in the microwave experiment". The screen doesn't really close all the way so evidently Leo had been out hunting all night. He had brought his prey back to his lair it appears. I'm just really hoping that he bled out all his blood someplace outside and not there on my floor someplace. Anyway, just wanted to share the ickyness!