Should I or should I NOT!

Well, today I went and rode that bike. It was realllllly nice. It's not perfect but it's also a few years old now so I didn't expect it to be. It has a crack in the lower fairing. It can't be seen but it is there. The water temp gauge doesn't work but he's thinking something is unplugged cuz it stopped working when he removed it and he just never got in there and checked to make sure everything was connected back up. I rode it for a little while. At first is was quite a strain on my hips since I haven't rode a crotch rocket in a few years. It's basically like getting saddle sore from riding a horse. Same thing. Anyway I was definitely afraid of it at first but after about the second or third block it all came back to me. It's only been between 6 and 7 years since I've rode but you do kinda, well you don't forget, but you get rusty. Well after about 15 minutes I was all comfortable again. After I got off, the feeling that I was having all scrunching up my legs while laying on the bike came back but in reverse trying to stand up straight. He also said that my neck would hurt the first couple of times until I built up the muscles in my neck. Ya know holding up my big ole melon head with a helmet to fit. And he was right. I'm not really sore now but I can feel it. Anyway, now I get the fun of trying to make the decision. As much as I want it, it'll still be a tuff decision. I'll let ya know.