Well I've finally bailed on my old ISP. My old ISP was a wireless outfit. I have a wireless bridge on my roof that is bridging to the top of the water tower where it is routed into a T1 and goes on from there. Well I've been having some serious conectivity issues which is bad enough but nobody there is willing to help me out and fix it which is unexceptable. There are other options. So I've exercised my options and on the 23rd of Dec my DSL was turned on. I've been having some speed issues with the DSL so I've been limping along on the wireless for the last couple of weeks or so. This morning SBC fixed my speed issue so it looks like I'm all good to go. This afternoon I switched over my network from the wireless to the DSL and all seems to be fine. The speed is a little slower but it appears to be much more reliable. Plus when I called them for support, even thought I got a hold of someone that couldn't speak english and was following the dreaded flow chart at least I got results. So I'm going to give it a couple of days and then I'm going to call and cut off the wireless... is the wireless provider just in case you were wondering. Over and Out!