Kids today are spoiled

Don't you hate it when you pull up behind a escalade or something and there a couple of kids in the back with there flip down screen going at it playing Madden 2004 on the Xbox or something. I do! I want that, I never had anything even close to that when I was a kid. I mean these kids should be sitting back there bitching about things. I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I gotta go to the bathroom, he keeps looking at me, he is sweating on me, she crossed the imaginary line we drew on the seat, she is still looking at me, Dad, tell him to stop doing that, when are we going to be there, what's in that truck, Dad, close your window, the air is blowing on me, I wanna sit in front, I don't like the middle, he's still touching me. But, noooooooo.... They are sitting still quietly getting carpel tunnel while upping their stats with there nice little headphones on. I don't like that. Kids need to be a little more miserable if you ask me.