A/C Sucks

My Air Conditioning really sucks bad. It wasn't more than a month ago and it went out. Now it's been not more than 4 weeks and it's gone out again. They came out and found that I had a leak in the coil up in the attic. I'm going to head up there and check out their work later tonight. It cost me $175 even with my home warranty. I guess the warranty doesn't cover disposal of the coil or the used freon. I told the guy "I have a place I can take that" to try and save a few bucks, but he said he had to take it. Bastards, I think that's just a way for them to make money. I'm thinking I just buy the parts and change it myself and then call them back out and say whoops, I think it leaked out. Maybe you should recharge it. How hard can a coil be to change out. Hell if an A/C guy can do it then it must not be too tuff. Not that I'm bitter or anything. :P~