So I went and flew on Saturday. I've slept twice since then. How many flying dreams do you think I've had since then? That's right, two. I tend to have a lot of flying dreams anyway. Now with that all said what do you think I did all day today at work. If you said "research on the internet what it would take to get certified flight instructor" then you'd be pretty close to correct. I think I'd probably even give up computers for that job. Now just so you know, flying dreams weren't the only dreams I had last night. I also had a dream I was at Mom and Dad's and that Iraqi Information Minister guy was trying to steal my Jeep. I chased him down the street with a tire iron and then stood in the middle of the block yelling at him that I was the Greenwood Drive information minister and that he was not near my jeep. He wasn't even on the block and we were chasing his rabid ass down as we spoke. That was about the time I woke up.