Ahhhhh Friday!

I so look forward to Friday's. It's not that it's just the last day of the work week. It's the fact that I get to wear casual clothes to work. I'm back in my element so to speak. All week long I wear pretty dressy clothes.

I don't really have any business casual so I look like I'm going out on a night on the town. I don't think ppl mind. I get told I look pretty good a lot so that's a good feeling. The dry cleaning bill just about kills me but it is pretty nice to put on a nice starched shirt and a pair of pressed Dockers.

On Fridays I'm back to my natural habitat. My white Reeboks, blue jeans, gray T-shirt, red plaid over shirt and my OK State hat. NOW I can work. I won't, but I could. :) I'm way too comfortable to work, hence the reason I'm here writing this.