I don't know what kind of IQ reqirements you have to have to work for earthlink tech support, But I'm pretty sure that a three toed sloth is over qualified. Today I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with them to attempt to fix a dailup account we have. Don't tell me to empty my freakin cache or delete my cookie any more than twice much less 5 times. I can't tell you how many "supervisors" I talked to. I'm thinking that who ever gets in the office first in the morning gets to set in the supervisors chair. Cuz they were morons just like the rest of them. If I ever worked at someplace like that and then tried to get another job in the computer biz, I'd rather claim I worked at McDonalds. I have much more resepct for the burger flipper at Mickey D's than the guy on the phone at earthlink. So anyway, after being on hold for a supervisor for over an hour, I called back and got right in. I ripped this guy a new ass and immediatly got his supervisor. Then I made him go find the @#%#in' phone that was ringing and answer it. At that point I talked to him and told him how much of BS these little nerds with flow charts were feeding me. 24 Hours to change a password is total crap. I told him so and also told him that if it took me 24 hours to change a flippin password I'd be outta a job. After I finally got in touch with someone that had the brains to click "Change Password". After we changed the password everything was fine. I told him that if I were a normal user, Id have just canceled them.