So I finally closed on my house today. I had been pretty much fine most of the time up till this morning. Stressed but nothing bigger than that. Well this morning I woke up and my stomache was doing back flips. I thought after I settled that I'd be fine. I got to the title company and things got even worse. I now having the stomache issue as well as being light headed and dizzy (more than normal that is). I tried to hurry things along and once I got in there and started signing my life away I started to feel better all over. Now I'm just about fine. I feel a little weird but I think it's just some residual stress. I get the keys tonight and then it's just a matter of waiting for the movers on Monday. Most ppl already know that resistant to changes anyway, so all this stress and stuff probably comes to no surprize to these ppl. Anyway..... '''yay' for me!!!