ummmm… Yeah?

So this last week has been pretty much crap. "A lot" going on and the packing on top of that has made it pretty stressful. I really need a vacation. Not to go anyplace just to lay down and sleep. About two weeks would be just the right amount. I think part of it was I got used to slackin while I was unemployeed. I liked the slackin part wayyyy to much but I wasn't so crazy about the not getting paid part. Anyway, I'm really hopping that I'll be all packed by the end of the weekend and then I can just veg out for the last couple of days before close and the move. I doubt that would happen but it's a nice thought. I'll be pretty busy this next week anyway but If I've gotten all my house stuff taken care of I can concentrate on all the reast of the things I need to get taken care of. Anyway, enough of my bitchin, cuz lord knows I never bitch.