I’m Looking

So it’s official. I’m in the process of buying a house. I’m a little upset with my mortgage guy right now. He’s all excited to get started but seems to be way too busy to actually start. I may have to got elsewhere to get my loan. I think that’s the scariest part because it’s the part I know the least about. All that interest rates stuff not to mention the insurance and taxes. I want all of that stuff all wrapped up in one payment. Later this week I hope to post my list of things about the house. Ya know things I want, things I don’t want, and things that wouldn’t be bad to have but I don’t want to pay more for. Ya know things like a pool. I’d love to have one but I won’t pay 1 cent more for the house cuz it’s got a pool. They are just too temperamental. Anyway… gotta run. Works calling….