Things may be starting to fall together. The last big hurdle, even biger than spending $130,000 for a house, is broadband internet in a town of 2250. I was pretty much set on losing my dsl. But I didn't give up that quick. I found a company that does point to point wireless to a network with internet access. This is huge deal. This very site is ran off my dsl. I have a hosting service but they won't give me access to run things like this journal, the messageboard, and even my ftp stuff. This wireless is only 512Kb where as my dsl I'm getting about 1.3Mb right now. You may thing that this would slow down the site when/if it's moved over to it. But it won't. Currently I'm getting the 1.3Mb but its Dsl so It is being capped at 128Kb. The wireless will be 512Kb both ways. This will mean my access to you will be slower, but your access to me will be 4 times as fast. Although I don't want to lose any speed I think I can live at 512Kb. That's a mile away from dialup. It's a little expensive to get setup but the cost is about the same as Dsl from that point on. Anyway, from here on out... smooth sailing!