Do the math DW!

So I learned some interesting numbers today at work. I've only been there two weeks and I'm not very observant at times as most of you know, but today we had a meeting in the conference room with all the employees. We got in there and the owner is kind of long winded so I had some time to spare. With all the employees standing there looking at each other I counted 51 present and accounted for. That in itself isn't very impressive but the fact that only 18 of us were guys is pretty impressive. That's 65% women. Now Teri works with models all day so this next stat is for her.... 9 of the women could be considered extremely hot. Now that's not said to aggravate the women in my life but more likely to aggravate the guy back in the manufacturing biz where it's 90% men and 10% women that look like men. Well except for a certain saleswoman that was completely hot no matter what she thinks...Lisa... :P Other strange things happened today while I was at work. They let us out early today which was nice. I was leaving and it was pouring down rain with the sun shinning just has hard as it could... that's not the weird part. Then it stopped raining and started hailing! Hailing with the sun shinning. Only in Texas.