The Dream….

Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? It's basically knowing that you are dreaming and then being able to steer the dream in the way you want. You can basically do anything you want. You want to fly, your flying. You want to be invisible, poof, you are gone. As you can see there would be some very interesting benefits into being able to do this. From what I've read almost anybody can learn to do this and the people that have learned swear by it. Of course I've never done this but last night I experienced something that was very close. I was having a dream, I don't really know what it was about, but it seemed that 4 or maybe 5 times I steered or redirected the dream in the direction I wanted. A marginal dream turned out pretty decent! :)~ I don't know if this was anything even close to lucid dreaming but if it was, I want to learn.