Private Journal/Blog/Weblog

So yesterday I recieved an email from someone that was wondering about the status of my private uncensored blog. This entry is an explaination of the happenings, status, and futrue of that blog.

For those of you who didn't know this is the semi-censored version of the real blog. Basicly this is the rated PG-11 (if you know what I mean) version. Before I kept this blog as well as another verison out there on a completely different system. The other version had everything this one does as well as all my other rantings and inner most thoughts. No real names were used on the other blog, mine, yours, or anybodys. I basicly used code words for everybody that often reoccured in the blog.

Unfortunatly on two seperate occasions someone who read that blog, regularly I expect, also stumbled across this version. Noticing that many entries were very simular and some were word for word exact they were nice enough to point this out on this blog's commenting system and give the URL of the uncensored version. Luckily enough for me I was able to remove those comments and restrict the commenting system until I could move the location of the "other" blog. Upon this happening a second time I decieded to move the blog to a location where i could secure it properly. This of course meant that the general public can no longer access the afore mentioned blog.

So as of now I have this journal/blog for the basic public which has most of everything that of any real importance anyway. I also have the private journal/blog which is a bit more secure for my other rantings and such. So the answer to your questions is yes, I could be writing about YOU right now on the other side. :P