Monkey Mobile

OK... So this morning I started designing the new and improved Monkey Mobile! I need some input. What color should I make this buggy? A light color makes it much easier to see the monkey in all his grandness, but a darker color has a much richer or fullness to it. If I do a dark color I'll have to put a splotch or sparkle of a lighter color behind the monkey to get the contrast needed to have a sharp clear image. I also thought about doing some lightening down the sides for added effect, but I'm thinking on opting for a waterfall of bananas instead. A few scattered bananas toward the front of the buggy growing to almost completely covered in bananas at the back. I think Black or Dark Blue with Yellow bananas and a sparkle of Yellow behind the Monkey would be nice. I'm shooting for having the buggy created and input in the next week. Another week to get it approved so that'll put me at about a 2 to 3 week roll out on the Super Totally Awesome Monkey Mobile..... Perfect Timing!