Addendum to the previous post.

So I went to fill out the background check paper work. I was trying to get some info outta them as to where I stood in the process. The HR lady just said that she wasn't at liberty to say. Of course smiling the entire time. When I was on my way out she said that as soon as this came back, she'd have Armondo (VP of IS) contact me and we could go from there. Now that sounded a little more positive then just "I'm not at liberty to say". Also while I was there, the receptionist made a definite effort to introduce herself and make some conversation which she did none of the first time I was there. So I guess today's events so far have been rather non-conclusive. While I was up there (16 Miles/20 Minutes from home) I drove around and checked out the West Plano area. Daaaamn. I don't know if I can afford to live over in that area. It's REALLY nice so I may have to look for a house a bit further out. But overall even though there were no break thoughts today, it was a pretty positive day.

P.S. Can you believe my buddy is already 11. I "AM" getting old! :P