Why is THERE so much a part of my life? I'm having withdraw tonight. I had to drive to Wichita Falls to pick up Brandt. That means little to no there. I think I know the attraction but it's hard to say. I mean it's not like I'm playing battlefield or ut2003. But still it's a lot of fun even though I'm not really a talkative kind of guy (as many of you know). I've made some friends on there, and I brought some friends to there. I mean now Rachel and Lisa can harass me in the real world and in there world, NOT that I need any more harassment in there :) I've got friends in there are just for harassing me (and you know who you are!). And they do it very well. :P Anyway, I'm going to try and get things settled so I can get my fix for the night.... Asta La Vista