TSS UT2003

Check it out... Today I received an email today from "The ScreenSavers" saying that I was going to be in their TSS LAN Party. I'm all for that but I hadn't played UT 2003 in like a LONG time. Heck I didn't even have it installed on my system. I got the email about 2pm and my game was at 6:30 so I had plenty of time. I installed it, updated it and had a couple of practice games under my belt by 6pm. I was set and ready. At this point it was just a waiting game. The game started at 6:30 but the server was full so I wasn't able to get in until 6:35. I was already 5 minutes behind but I caught up fast. By 6:40 with just under 5 mintues to go I took the lead. Unfurtunately due to a slight ammo shortage I slipped to 4th. I managed to finish 2nd with 31 frags. Overall with all 4 games reporting in I finished 5th as you can see below.

Desktop Screenshot:

TSS Screen Capture: