Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Just been PMS'in. Anyway, we had a little accident last night. Brandt decided he was invincible and that it would be a good idea to SIT on a glass coffee table. Needless to say, he isn't as small as he used to be so the glass didn't give much support. He crashed through the glass and feel into the center of the coffee table. Only one side of the glass broke. He has multiple cuts and scrapes. Most notable is a 2 or 3 inch cut on his butt. Bled a little bit but stopped quickly. He also hit his head on the steel frame which gave him a headache for most of the night. He's not hurt other than that. I think his feelings were hurt more than anything. I didn't get mad at him but he realized after the fact that it probably wasn't such a great idea. Such is the life of a ten year old.