Game On Garth….

So I'm still completely obsesses with There... I took yesterday and most of today off in a way. I've been doing some serious exploration lately. Right now I've been driving north from Tiki. If Tiki was at the equator then right about now I'd be either at the north pole or just beyond the north pole. I can see the people on Tiki's name tags just at the horizon. It won't be long before I'll be on the back side of the planet. I expect to see a lot of water and that's about it.... My plan it to circle the planet at a minimum. Explore anything I find, which I don't expect to find anything. Right now my internet access is WAY slow. Down isn't bad but up is terrible. Dad is downloading a CD iso image off of the ftp server so my pings right now to anywhere are averaging over 1500ms. Way Slow. I need a break from the computer anyway. I've spent three days solid reinstalling this Linux server and getting everything backup and working correctly. I really didn't loose anything but getting the new system to deal with the old data was a trick. There were a few things that gave me more of a problem than others... PHP, Server Side Includes, Postfix SMTP, and a damn FTP issue that just completely ate my lunch for a day and a half. But if you deal with it enough, and loose enough sleep over it, you can eventually figure it out.... Anyhoo.... Till tomorrow, game on!