So with all the doom and gloom going on in my life lately, ya know the truck thing, the business thing, and everything else, yet another impending crisis looms over the horizon. I have to send my sunglasses back to RayBan. Those of you that know me of course understand what kind of stress this is putting on my system. Right now I need LESS stress and not MORE! Anyway, I need to attempt to find a suitable replacement for my glasses while they are in route to and from the mac daddy RayBan plant in the sky. These glasses I own have a flat finish on them. Well the finish is coming off. It may be normal where and tear but RayBan has been pretty good about taking care of my glasses. That's why I've spent the kind of money I have on them. Anyway, I guess this makes all the other problems in my life look pretty small, huh? NOT!