New Clothes….

So, two and a half, almost three months ago I weighted 249 lbs (that's down from where I was before I started keeping track) and was wearing 42 X 30 jeans. Those jeans weren’t loose and baggy either. I've pretty much emptied my closet of all my skinny clothes except for just a few things so I'd have something to shoot for. Well almost a month ago now I had to poke new wholes in all my belts and my old 42's weren’t really fitting so I had moved to the 40's. This last week I was really noticing the 40's weren’t really doing the job but I was a little afraid to try on the 38's that I had saved. This morning at 218 lbs I figured it was time to at least try. Well needless to say I've got the 38's on right now and they fit perfectly. Not tight, not loose. So I guess if I loose another 2 or 3 lbs I'll have to bite the bullet and go buy new clothes, or at least jeans. By the way 180 lbs. and 34's or 36's is my ultimate goal. I think the secret to my success, besides some things I'd really rather not talk about on here, is black sugar free jelly beans. :)