Off to Camp….

So this morning Brandt and I got up and he was pretty tense about leaveing for camp today. He was excited but he didn't really want to leave his dear ole dad. Well I was OK, so I got him in a right state of mind and sent him off. He had pretty much forgotten about me by the time I got in the truck and left. Now it's my turn to stress. I really don't like the feeling of him not being here. It's different when he's with Rachel. I know she takes great care of him. She's a really good mother. I don't have any problems when he is with my mom and dad, or he is staying the night at friends house. But for some reason, he's with school and I just don't trust them. I probably should trust them a little more than I do, but I don't. I'll live and get through it, but I really hate this feeling.