Fire, Fire, Fire….

So yesterday was a pretty dull day at work. Well that was until the fire alarms started going off. In our building It seems like about once a week they are either setting off the fire alarms or testing them. So when the alarms started going off this time I pretty much ignored them. I finished what I was doing, downloading drivers, and poked my pointy little head out of my office. It was deserted out there. Hummm... I guess I should probably mosey on out and see whats going on. It was about that time I saw the fire truck fly by my window. Everything seemed normal there in the office but once I got out into the hall I knew that it was really something this time. There were still ppl streaming outta the stairwell, luckily enough we are on the first floor, and there was a strong odor of burining electrical something or other. I continued to mosey where I was met by a police man that had some serious issues. After the fire guys got in, they found it was a UPS in one of the server rooms up on the second floor that had caught fire. It wasn't much of a big deal, a lot of smoke, fumes, and questions like, what would we do if it were our server room that burnt down? I basicly said you'd go home and I'd go shopping. It'd be fun. :)