So it's been a hell of a week at work. Going about 500 MPH it feels like. So in order to reward myself I bought me a new hard drive today. I need to rebuild this piece'O'crap. So I figured since I was running outta disk space I'd get something a little bigger. I got a 160GB maxtor for $119. That's not a bad price. Currently I have about 200GB of total drive space on here. It's about 75% full so this new drive will give me a little room to breath. Some of these games now a daze are huge. Flight Sim, X-Plane, and Halo are all over 1GB each. Many others are in the 500-600MB range so it adds up in a hurry. I also got enough connectors to get my 4 port KVM switch hooked up. I've been using a 2 port for quite a while. I liked it but I have 4 PC/Servers to deal with. I have another older 4 port but it's really klunky to switch and it doesn't support my mouse which is a bad thing. Anyway, tomorrow I start the rebuild so the web cams might be down for a while.