Busy as a stinkin little bee

Well things have really picked up around here. Work, home, it's all busy. I've got tons of things here at home that I'm way behind in. My shower has all the tile ripped out of it, the lawn work is pittifully behind, and I'm gonna pull my hair out if I don't get to sweep and mop the damn floors soon. At work I have two moves going on at once. When you think of moving at work you generally think of just picking up your desk and files from one place and moving it to another. You don't really think of all the hard core IT stuff. When you plug in your phone, there has to be wiring and phone systems behind that. When you turn on your PC you should think of how that PC got there, the cabling that's in the wall, the servers that magically appeared in a little dark hole in the wall or closet. What about all the electricity that had to be run, and the A/C that was installed to keep all those servers cold and even down to the copper tubing to drain away the condensation collected by that A/C? There is a lot more to your IT guy than just some kid that plays a lot of Battlefield 1942.