Yeah, Tivo!

So the other night I came home and my worst fears were realized. My Ultimate TV was dead. In case your unfamiliar the Ultimate TV is something similar to Tivo. Well I guess it had died in the day sometimes cuz when I jumped into bed to watch a little “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” (The greatest show on earth) I pressed the pwr button and nuthin, no light, sounds, smells, nuthin. Well it had been flaky for a while anyway. It was so bad I had already purchased a second Tivo to replace it and while I was at it I got the insurance on all of the receivers. I had sort of prepared for this day by keeping an extra receiver active and ready to go at a moments notice. So I pulled that one out and plugged it in and cranked it up. No go! It was goofy as well. This one was one I knew I could fix anyway. I called up Direct TV and asked them to put the paddles to my card and jump start it. They did and it came right back to life. I then remembered my insurance. I asked them who I needed to talk to in order to handle the dead UTv. They transferred me and soon I was talking to a tech. A few troubleshooting steps later and he too knew it was dead. He had bad news and he had good news. The bad news was that they weren’t making UTv’s anymore. That’s actually a good thing cuz compared to the Tivo the UTv sucked. The good news was he could replace it with a Tivo. I told him to go ahead with the exchange. He said it wasn’t even really an exchange. They didn’t want the UTv back so they just sent me a free Tivo. It should be here in the next day or so. At that point we will be a 3 Tivo family. It’s always good to have spares. There may be starving children in Africa with no Tivo’s at all, but I got three. They can come visit them if they want….