Decisions, decisions

Life is full of decisions, diet or regular, to live or to die, scooby doo or spongebob. These are just a few of the easy decisions we have to make. I'm presented with a decision on the magnetude of mount everest as compared to these little ant hill choices. My decision is to stick with my current wireless ISP or to bail for the evil SBC and dsl service. One one hand my current ISP has really great tech support but they do have pretty slow access of 650k or so. I also have a problem with many dropped packets between me and the other side of the wireless bridge. Not the end all be all of high speed internet but still not bad considering when I moved here there was NO other high speed access. There is now a local cable serive available but I have heard nothing good about them so far. Now on the other hand there is SBC dsl. Sure they are the evil giant with ZERO tech support and they only get that cuz it's tuff to have negative tech support. But with that said I had sbc dsl in the apartment for two years and only had one outage that I remember and always had good steady connections. It'll cost me more with dsl for a static IP but in the long run I think it might be better and maybe a little tiny bit cheaper. It my current ISP could just fix the timeouts I think I'd be happy and a little more willing to stay but I dunno. They are just getting ready to do a pretty big peer change and hopefully that will change things. From my troubleshooting on my end it won't but I'll give them the benifit of the doubt.