Well it's holloween again. Pretty much my second or third least favorite holiday. I'm not into holidays where you have to do something. I like holidays like arbor day. Ya know just look at a tree and say, "yup, it's arbor day". I like things like that. Not like christmas where you have to plan for like forever. So anyway, its holloween and I think Brandt abandoned me this year. He took outta here like his hair was on fire or something with his little gang of friends. He went out to get his scare on I guess. So I'm stuck here passing out candy trying to keep the house from getting TP'd. I used to really hate passing out candy but it's not so bad any more. I really like the little kids that come to the door and are more afriad of me than I am of them. I like it when they feel they have to tell me what they are dressed up as and why they picked that to dress as. I also like it when they tell me what there sister is and why she isn't with them. :) What's the deal with the kids that don't even try to make an attempt of wearing a costume? Those are the kids that if two of them show up together I give them a kitkat and tell them to share. Also, if your 16 and you drive youself up to the house, don't bother comeing to the door. Well I guess I'm off to pass out sugar coated don't trick me bribery.