As the Toe Turns, Part II

Toe update status.

Toe #1
This is the toe that I initally broke a couple of months ago. This toe is doing much better. Normal walking and such does not cause any problems or pain. There is still a moderate amount of pain if you bend the toe at strange angles. I know, don't do that, but it must be done to test the ammount of healing that has taken place. I would expect another 2 - 4 weeks and this toe should be back to 100% toe worthy.

Toe #2

This is the toe that I tried to rip the top off of a week or two ago. I initially had a couple days of sever pain assoicated with this toe. Upon further inspection the healing that was trying to take place was being aggravated by the toe nail actually poking it over and over again as I walked. After about ten minutes of blinding pain as I cut away the surrounding toe nail and much of that walking pain was gone. After the poking pain subsided I realized that this toe too feels either broken or at the very least severly sprained. It hurts to move it up, down, or sideways. I think my basketball days are over, for now anyways.

I'll keep you informed on this breaking story.