A brief moment of enlightenment!

Something happened to me today. Brandt and I went out to get some things done today. Most of it things I'd been putting off while I was sick. One of those things I wanted to get done was to buy a new pair of sun glasses. My "Daddy O's" got broken on a ride at Six Flags so I have reverted back to my "Predator 2's". They are both good glasses. Anything that RayBan makes is pretty decent. Well we were in the Sun Glass Hut and looking through there stuff. I found the glasses I wanted. I had every plan on buying a pair. Anybody that knows me knows I've kinda got a thing for my glasses so I was prepared to spend a buck or two on them. Well the first pair I liked weren't RayBan's but I figured what the hell. I'm willing to go out on a limb. Then I noticed they were $249. Well with the way my electric bill has been the last three months I didn't think I could pull off that kind of money for sun glasses. I moved down the line and to my next choice. They were pretty close to my Daddy O's in appearance. I like them but they were $140 which were what my Daddy O was also. Well standing there with my debit card in hand I made the decision I never thought I would. No $140 glasses for me. Not today anyway. We still had the monster trip to the grocery store before the end of the day. I think I'll just send my Daddy O's back to Rayban and see what they can do for me. Last time they replaced them for me free of charge. I can probably deal with the Predators for a while longer. At least then if they say they won't fix/replace them I'll maybe have a few more buck for my new eyes.