I hate Dallas

Here is an example of one of the things I really hate about Dallas or any big city for that matter. Yesterday I was helping Teri move some things, Cuz I gotta truck and that's what guys with trucks do, and we had a load of things she needed hauled from point A to point B. We were pulling out of the parking lot and there was this elderly lady walking across the street up and up the curb. Well she fell. It didn't look like the worse fall in the world but she was easily in her 70's so any fall at that age can be bad. I stopped right there in the street and jumped out to try and help here. She said she wasn't hurt to bad but her shoulder did hurt a bit. She didn't think she broke anything. Well I first tried to get her up off the ground but she didn't really want to cooperate. I then asked if I could call someone for her or did she need medical attention. She really didn't want any of that. She just wanted me to leave her so she could "rest". She wasn't mean about it but I think she was very scared. I don't think she was so scared about falling as she was about a strange man trying to help her. It's a pretty sad state when you might be hurt but you are so afraid of the people around where you live that you'd rather deal with it yourself rather than to take the extended hand of someone who really wants to help you. I hate that this is the world that we live in and that's pretty much one of the reasons that I move way out here to the "sticks" (relatively speaking). I know if my grandmother fell I would really hope that someone would be there to help here and for that reason even though this wasn't a great experience, I'll try to help again if I'm in the same postion.