My job sucks….

My job really does suck some times. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job, and I actually really like where I work. What I'm talking about is the actual profession of being and IT god or something... :) See in this profession many, many, MANY times if a company is firing or laying off ppl the IT guy may not be the first to know, but usually knows before the person. That in itself sucks because many time these are ppl you work with every day and are friends. It's not really hard to keep you mouth shut and just wait it out, but it doesn't feel very good. Weird things have happened in the past with things like this. Once we had someone sending "abusive and degrading" emails to the company according to the owner. It was my job to find out who was sending them and from where. I did my job and provided the info even after I found that it was one of my friends that sent the email. Another time I was called in to the office for them to tell me they just fired one of my best friends. That sucked and I'm really glad I didn't have to know about that one before hand. But after I was asked to gather all sorts of data that could possible point the finger at this friend. That too was tuff but it was my job and did it. At this job it's no different. Today a friend of mine was let go. It was not very much fun. I had to be the witness ya know just in case. But ya know, even as much as this profession sucks and as bad as it can make you feel, it's still a really good feeling when you can do your job like a professional just like you are supposed to.