The Big Sleep

So the night before last was pretty ruff! I was awake most of the night coughing and hackin up what lungs I have left. If you were to add up all the sleep I had together it would be about 2 hours. So with that and still feeling really pretty crappy I came home from work an hour or so early. I wasn't home very long and I deceded to go lay down for a while. I put Brandt on autopilot and gave him instuctions for the rest of the night. I asked him to come get me in a hour or so just in case I were to fall asleep. Well at about 8pm he came and woke me up. I wasn't having any of that. Next thing I knew it was 10:30pm and he was waking me up again telling me he was going to bed. I tucked him in, turned out the lights, and headed back to bed. This morning I woke up and the alarm had been going off for almost an hour. I got really lucky cuz it turns itself off at the hour mark. So after 12 or 13 hours of sleep I'm actually feeling almost not dead again. I'm thinking that I need 12 hours of sleep every night. One more reason for there to be a law extending a "normal" day from 24 hours to 36. Everybody would be much happier!