Another Day, Another 50 Cents…….

So I got up this morning, tested my blood (it was pretty good at 102), dropped Brandt off at school, came to work, updated a change on my resume, checked hotjobs and monster for new openings, and am now surfing the web. I've already got everything I had planned for today done. Does that mean I can go home now. I'm not doing any good setting here taking up space and breathing up their air. Well I guess that's not completely true. Later I may pull my pictures off the wall. I only have three of them. An autographed Jeff Gordon, a autographed Dale Earnhardt, and a C5 from my old squadron. I might also sort through all my pens and stuff in my desk and decide what I'm going to take with me and what I'm going to leave. See, the options are just endless. Well I guess I better get at it then. So until next time, "Game Over".