I’m Back…..

So I wanted Monday off, ya know seeing how it is a holiday and everything. I talked to my boss last week and told him I wanted Monday off but didn't want to take any Vacation, Sick time or Paid Time Off. He asked why and I just told him I wanted a long weekend. I mean, what were they going to do, fire me. He said as long as I kept my phone near by he didn't have a problem with that. BTW he didn't say I had to answer it. So I headed off to Rachel's for the weekend. I had alot of little projects I needed to take care of for her. Of course on this particular weekend everything I touched pretty much went to shit. It was extremely frustrating. I gave her a new PC and it took WAY to long to switch that out. I set her up with some satellite TV and that took 4 trips to wal-mart and a day too long to get up and it's still not completely right. She had a sink that was slow to drain. Well after trying to fix that I managed to get it where it wouldn't drain at all. Another day later I finally got it draining. So most things ended up mostly working in the end, but it wasn't easy. Then on top of that I'm sure I was wearing on my welcome being there an extra day but when it's all said and done I did have a pretty good time. Even with all the pulling out my hair. I also have to thank Rachel for really trying to make it easy for me to have good things to eat. Ya know with my diabetes and everything. So I'm back at work today and my boss wants to talk to me. I guess we'll see what he wants. Maybe they will fire me. :)

P.S. Good Luck today Rachel. We are all with you.