Pay for shade……?

So tell me if I'm crazy. We have covered parking here at the apartments along with private garages. Of course you have to pay for them and they are very limited in numbers. Well the last apartment I had my own covered parking and I really liked it. It made a termendous difference in the temp inside my truck, as well as protected it from this wonderful Texas hail we get every now and then. Well this last week we had a covered parking spot come available. I really wanted it but I didn't know if it was worth $40 a month just to park in the shade. I've only had it now a couple of days and I'm seeing what I was missing. It's not like we have any trees to park under or anything. Also it's only about 1000 degrees out there, and I'm sick of these damn birds thinking my truck is a big red public toilet. So am I crazy to pay for a parking spot or what....?