I give up…….

So, I've officially given up on any hope of things getting better here at work. I have no moral left, no motivation left, and defiantly a seriously bitter taste in my mouth..... I think at this point I'm just hanging on, waiting to see how things shake out and collect a pay check. I've pretty much just been surfin the net and hiding out in my other office for the last week. Since I'm not in my office it makes me look busy. There is a couple things that make for a good employee: 1. Good moral, 2. Strong motivation, 3. Loyalty to the company. I currently have none of these. It's amazing how fast these can change. One month ago I was a model employee. I worked more than my share of hours. Everything I did was to make the company better. Now, I'm just a shell of my former self. What's an okie to do. Well anyway.... another day, another fifty cents. Minus the 6% in pay reduction they took from me.