Will Network for Food………….

So it looks like I might be on the job market again soon. The company I'm working for may be eliminating my position. I'm sure as soon as I'm gone they will find a need for the position again and rehire the top dog's friend. I don't feel near as bad cuz he's not only trying to replace me but everybody in the texas office. Nothing is final yet but It's looking pretty bad as we speak. So I'm updating my resume as we speak and will probably have it out on the market as early as next week. This way I can be looking while I still have a pay check coming in. I guess next week I'll also go over my budget to see what I can cut out in a hurry to save some money. I guess this puts on hold my plans to buy a house. But at the same time you can never tell until all the cards are on the table. Anyhoo... Keep your fingers crossed!