It’s Over… Well almost….

So christmas if finally over.... If I can just get through new years I think I may live. Of course I have to do this with out Brandt, he's at his mom's for the next week or so. I had a pretty good christmas, I got lots of cool things for the house. Over all I think it's was a pretty decent couple of days. I'd change a few things if I could of course but I can't so I won't. Kind of sucks having to come back to work. But then again there are very few people here so there isn't much to do. Well there is always things to do, but there is nobody pushing to get them done. So I'm just sitting here surfin the web listening to "Popa Chubby" and waiting for lunch. Well... Gotta Get. I need to take a leak (Like that's any surprise to many of you).