What’s with TX schools….

When I was a kid we got out of school like three times all year. A day or so for Thanksgiving, a week for Christmas and New Years, and a week for spring break. That was pretty much it. Maybe a day or two thrown in her or there. Now in Texas it's a little bit different. Brandt gets 17, count em, 17 days off for Christmas. Hell that's long enough to forget where your school is even at. He got a week for Thanksgiving and lord only knows what they will get for spring break. They get every holiday on the calendar off, even MLK and Columbus day. Hell It wouldn't surprise me if they got flag day and arbor day off a well. This is all great for the kids except they have to go back to school in some cases the first week of August and they don't get out until well into June. If I was a kid I'd be pissed off, them messin with my summer vacation. Take me back to Oklahoma, where the grass is brown, the dirt is red, the roads are bad but at least we had three months of summer vacation.