The best of times… The worst of times…..

I was told last night by Brandt that this weekend was the best weekend of his life. That's funny cuz it was one of the worst weekends of mine. This weekend for me really started about a week ago with a nagging little email issue at work. As the week went along the problem grew and grew. By Friday it was pretty much a full blown crisis. We had three companies all with out email, all due apparently to changes I'd made to the system. Well Friday night after work we had tickets to a Freestyle Motocross competition at Reunion Arena. As excited as Brandt was about that I couldn’t not go. So I pulled myself from work and took him. It was kind of nice, we went with a vendor that I buy parts from at work. It was pretty much a night on them. They paid for just about everything. Brandt had a Great time. Now he already knows what will be on his Christmas list of next year, a dirt bike! Meanwhile he's all bouncing in his seat clapping away, I'm over there drinking my $6 beer and trying to figure out my little DNS/Email issue. By the time it was over I'd pretty much worried myself sick about it, but had many ideas to try and see if they would work.

Saturday morning and I'm off to work. Brandt was invited by Teri to go see "Jimmy Neutron" at the movies. How could he pass that up. After that they went to McDonalds and grabbed some lunch. When they were finished with there little play date, I headed home to let them into the house. That wasn't exactly the end of my work day, just the end of my work day at work. This every growing DNS/Email issue continued well past my time of useful consciousness. I finally gave up around midnight and called it quits. Of course that's not really where it ends. I think about what to do all night.... In my dreams.... and the first thing when I woke up. I know... that's pretty sad isn't it?

Sunday, no football for me. Immediately upon us getting up and putting on some clothes we were off to work again. This time to build a DNS server that would solve the worlds problems, or so I hoped. Brandt was really good considering the time we spent up there and the mood that I unfortunately was in. After we had the server built and running, we took a break and went and rented a movie and a PS2 Game. Once again this is great for Brandt but me, well I was stuck with the $16 late fee from 6 months ago. After we finally returned to the house, it was off to work for me again. Luckily for me, I can do just about my entire job from home. We watched a movie and attempted to do some laundry while I was working but neither one worked really well. Finally after getting Brandt to bed, I made some progress. I was 11:30 and the problem looked like it might be fixed.

Now it's Monday evening and we are still limping along with our hit or miss email. I'm 100% sure it's fixed. The last two day we didn't have email at all. We are currently waiting for DNS to cycle through the Internet. So now you can plainly see why Brandt had a great weekend and I had, well not one of my best. Anyhoo..... See ya!